Wall Niche Installation



Mark out position of niche between 2 studs. Corner of studs can be removed where necessary Cut out opening and remove the centre dwang.
Fix new dwang to take niche base, ensure shelf is level. Apply bead of wallboard adhesive around opening. Fit niche, hold in place with small pins for 24 hrs.
Apply adhesive to apron, fit as for niche
Fill any gaps bet niche and wall with Patonfilla. Paint when dry. Finished Wall Niche



As a precaution in existing homes, turn off the electricity at the switchboard before cutting into the wall.

Refer to your selected niche for the required opening size and mark out the position on the wall between two studs.

Cut out opening and remove any obstructing dwang.

Fit a new dwang at the bottom of the opening to take the wooden base shelf and make sure the dwang is level before nailing base shelf.

Make sure that the niche fits correctly into the opening then run a bead of wallboard adhesive around the perimeter of the opening and fix niche into place. Press niche in firmly so that it fits neat and plumb.

(Note: Glue bottom, of niche to wooden base shelf. If necessary hold the niche in place using temporary holding pins driven into the wall at the side of the niche, for about 24 hours until the adhesive cures.)

The decorative apron supplied with some models is fitted under the wooden base shelf by glueing to the wall and base shelf as for niche. After the adhesive has cured, remove the temporary holding pins.

Any gaps between the niche and wall may be filled with a filling compound, and sanded smooth when dry.

After dusting down your niche is ready for painting.

A flat type of paint is recommended.