CNC Machining

We can now offer full CNC machining, we specialize in one off moulds that we can transform into plaster, cement, fiberglass or rubber moulds.

The CNC Machine can be used to cut almost any pattern in most woods. For example we can make Signs, Fret work, Plaques, Lettering and more!

The CNC Machine has come in handy many times to create unique moulds.

Some of the things we have done so far are:

  • Making templates for plain cornices that customers have designed
  • Making Plain unique Fire Surrounds at customers specifications.
  • Making moulds for curved sheets to be used as a curved wall which give the same finish as our normal plain fibrous sheets.
  • Making small plaques and oddball things such as customised dartboards and 21 keys

Take a look at just some of the small things we have done so far!